My top 5 steps for a great cheese and charcuterie platter.

If you love a good cheese and charcuterie board as much as I do, you’re going to love this post!

Earlier this week, I prepared a cheese and charcuterie spread in my home for a photoshoot for a promotional giveaway with Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams. I was so impressed with how it turned out, I wanted to share it with you guys here!

Below are my top 5 fool-proof steps that always ensure a beautiful spread for a fun night at home.

1. FLOWERS- When it comes to flowers, you can’t go wrong with classic white hydrangeas. Not only do they look great in a vase on your coffee table, you can also snip off a few of their leaves to line your platters and trays. Just make sure to wash the leaves throughly before use.

2. BOARDS & PLATTERS- I love combining different materials such a wood, silver, marble, or glass to create interests. Which is why I love my new marble tray and silver platters, especially since the silver platters can be used separately or stacked. My new marble tray is perfect for crackers because the edge keeps them neatly contained. You can shop for these items at Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams.

3. TEXTURES AND SHAPES- While at the grocery store, make sure you don’t buy all one color of cheeses or meats. For a professional look, make sure you select different textures, shapes and colors. For example, select a white wedge of brie, yellow cubed sharp cheddar, and maybe a black pepper crusted goat cheese. Also, don’t put your meats out like they come in their packaging. Fold and roll your charcuterie in different ways to create texture.

4. FRUITS AND NUTS- Filling a platter with cheese and charcuterie can get expensive, so I like to incorporate some fruits and nuts to help reduce costs, while also adding more color and texture. To keep apples from browning, after slicing, toss them in a little lemon juice (even lime soda will work if that’s all you have). Also, make sure your fruits are sliced and oranges are peeled so your guests can easily grab without much effort.

5. KEEP IT SEASONAL- Adding seasonal fruits and herbs, such as fresh rosemary, dried apricots and cranberries are great ways to add a little festive element to your platters.

I hope you found this post useful.



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