My name is Francois. I’m the guy behind this blog.

Growing up in a small seaside resort in western France, about four and half hour drive southwest of Paris, I dreamt of life in a big city. After having lived in London, Athens, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Dallas, New York is now home.

Born and raised by a Japanese mother and a French father who met in New York, it’s no surprise that I met my American husband while living in Hong Kong. Bicultural, multilingual and cosmopolite, I like to say that I came to New York by way of… the world!

I work full-time as a Trade Advisor for the French government, where I help French companies expand their business throughout in US.

I live in Hell’s Kitchen (West Mid-town) along with my husband Ken, and our two adorable New Yorkies Lily and Grayson.

As you can imagine, space at home is quite limited. That’s why I find it satisfying to keep things as organized as possible. I also like rearranging our home décor to keep things fresh and aspiring. So, please follow along as I share my home and life along this great new chapter. 

Again, thanks for stopping by.  I am so glad you’re here!

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