How I updated my kitchen drawers using The Container Store x KonMari products.

This month’s project with The Container Store is all about kitchen organization. I was excited to get started, since I was one of the first to check out and use the new collection designed and developed by Marie Kondo, the Japanese expert of organizing and guru of the “less is more” lifestyle.

I love that The Container Store’s Marie Kondo collection of products was made using no plastic, but only sustainable materials including bamboo, ceramic, recycled fiberboard, cotton and wood. The products are high quality, neutral color palette, and the design certainly sparks joy!

For this post, I focused on organizing my messy kitchen drawers. Turns out it was quite satisfying, as you will see! Continue reading to learn how I incorporated these beautiful products with organizing my kitchen.


1. First, before placing my order of products, I measured my kitchen drawer, since I wanted to make sure that the flatware and utensil organizers would fit properly.

2. Once my order was delivered, I got started by removing everything from the drawer and gave it a good cleaning.

3. I set up the new flatware and utensil organizers in my drawer. I was so happy to see how perfectly they fitted! Pleasures are never too small, right?!

4. Then, I went through all my cutlery and utensils; tossed anything damaged and put aside anything misplaced or no longer useful.

5. Finally, I put my cutlery and utensils back in the drawer. Since I am using a 2-tier organizer, I decided to keep what I use every day more accessible on the top tier, and what I use less frequently on the bottom tier.

Click here to start shopping The Container Store x KonMari collection.



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